Business Units

BU1 Innovative Electronics Solutions

Advanced agglomerated Boron Nitride Composite (ABNC) For Thermal Management System
WiLCO RF Solutions Laminates For High-Frequency with low DK

BU2 Biodegradable Green Solutions

Biodegradable Polyester with Superior Strength in Ocean
Biodegradable Polyester Usable in a New Space Era

> 49 percent of ocean pollution every year is trash by ghost gillnets. WiLCO’s biodegradable polyesters have similar strength to nylon but can be biodegradable. WiLCO’s Biodegradable Green Solutions can protect the oceans from ghost gillnets and contributes to ESG management.
> Application: gillnets, fishing line, mulching film etc.

>The number of low earth orbit satellites launched every year is expected to be more than thousands in a new-space era. Most of them would burn during falling or fall into the ocean and cause ocean pollution. WiLCO’s Biodegradable Green Solutions can protect the space and oceans from falling satellites.
> Application: housing, package etc.